Talk to Voters

You have many options available for connecting with the public, so it’s important to choose the right outreach strategies (for you and for them). Our tips will help expand your outreach efforts and allow you to connect with the right voters. From creating a field plan to creating the right literature and digital assets, to navigating the nuances of ranked-choice voting, we’ll have you prepared for conversations with constituents!


Developing Your Campaign Message (for Candidates) Using the…


Developing Your Campaign Message (for Campaign Managers) Using…

Worksheet7 Pages

Creating a Field Plan for Petitioning

Worksheet3 pages

Creating Effective Campaign Literature

Worksheet4 Pages

Leveraging Digital Tools for Your Campaign

Worksheet6 pages

Having Strategic -and Maybe Tough- Conversations with Your…

Worksheet3 Pages

Tips for Direct Voter Contact During a Pandemic

Worksheet2 pages

Ten Tips for Campaigning Under Ranked Choice Voting